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An independent not-for-profit organization developed for Illinois Inventors and St. Louis area inventors for the purpose of encouraging the interchange of useful information (such as, for example, how to protect the ideas of starting Illinois inventors  and how to interest investors and raise money.  Although primarily aimed at inventors in the St. Louis area, the group encourages and welcomes all inventors and small businesses everywhere interested in patents, trademark, copyrights, trade secrets, licensing, venture capital, patent searching, trademark searching. 

We meet  on the 2nd Wednesday of every month (except December) at 7PM-9PM  in Edwardsville, Illinois in the public conference room of Madison Mutual Ins. Co. (on east side of Hwy 157 two blocks north of Edwardsville High School and just across Hwy 157 from the East entrance of SIUE Research Park.  Attendance at meetings is free.)

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Membership Dues in i3 are just $15.00 per year, which includes a monthly newsletter and all special events.  Just one meeting will normally make your investment worthwhile !

Are you an inventor between 18 and 29 years old? If yes, check out IDEAS HAPPEN a contest with twelve $25,000 prizes, sponsored by Microsoft.


Links for Inventors (burdlaw.com inventor linkpage)


January 21-22, 2005

For new inventors wondering how to proceed and for small businessmen with a patentable improvement to existing technology, this is a NOT TO BE MISSED vital event, one of the world's greatest inventors' conferences,.with a tremendous amount of information.  Representatives from the US Patent Office will speak, the world's most prolific inventor will be interviewed, top patent and copyright lawyers will be interviewed or speak, marketing experts, financial experts, law professors and venture capitalists will speak.  We are working on sponsorships, so this is should be a free event.


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Can you name the invention?

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Can you name the invention?

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Can you name the invention?

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Now matter what your invention, it will benefit you to talk confidentially with other inventors on what to do.



Member -United Inventors Association

For information, please contact:

Bruce Burdick of BURDICK LAW FIRM

3656 Western Ave., Alton, IL 62002-3156



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