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Mr. Braun is an attorney who specializes in assisting entrepreneurs in business formation and development, financing, securities offerings, acquisitions, and related business or legal matters. Mr. Braun is a member of the Can-Do Early Stage Venture Capital Investment Club, and will speak on raising cash, the right way. Can-Do 2 is now in formation.

Here is what Forbes said about the Can-Do Club:

The Can-Do Early Stage Venture Capital Investment Club meets four times a year to hear pitches from prequalified entrepreneurs. Each of its 90 members—entrepreneurs, executives, lawyers, accountants, retirees—ponies up at least $500 a quarter over three years. The ante has enabled Can-Do to invest $470,000 in 13 startups. Two look promising: BioProfile is developing a noninvasive way to detect cancer at the earliest stages by analyzing DNA and proteins; Great American Barbecue will sell $25 million worth of prepared chicken and ribs in local supermarkets this year.