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2005 Conference

"Ideas Into Income....The Right Way."

January 21-22, 2005, 9AM-2PM,


Anheuser Busch Hall (Law School)

Washington Univ. in St. Louis,

St. Louis, MO


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See the superstar speakers for this great inventor conference, one of the country's very best.  For 2005 this promises to be the nation's top Inventors' Conference.




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Only $50 including a 10 hour program over 2 days or $35 for one day.

Featuring Donald Weder (America's most prolific inventor) , Joe Hosteny (America's best known contingent fee patent litigator), officials from the US Patent & Trademark Office, 5 local patent attorneys, 1 copyright and trademark attorney, 4 successful inventors, a financial expert, a marketing expert, 2 patent librarians, a patent searching expert, 3 corporate presidents, 2 law school professors, special awards, prizes and more.


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