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The Reading Focus Card

At last there is a handy, portable tool that can help many readers to focus and concentrate on each word or line of text while reading. 


The Reading Focus Card can be helpful to both children and adults of all ages and all ability levels.  This helpful tool can offer particular assistance to those who daily struggle with certain learning differences and disabilities such as ADD/ADHD or dyslexia (whether either is diagnosed or merely suspected).




The following are some of the many advantages of the

Reading Focus Card:


        Can promote better reading comprehension


        Can accommodate different learning styles/preferences


        Is non-invasive with no side effects ---no medication is involved


        Is portable and easy to store in pocket, purse, binder, or book


        Can double as a bookmark for easiest access


        Can be customized by the user for optimum reading success


        Can also assist with work involving column addition, reading stock quotes in printed publications, and other reading/reference activities


        Is non-mechanical requiring no external energy cell and/or maintenance


        Assists the eyes of the reader—pastel (soothing) or bright (for added emphasis)


        Is reasonably priced to allow for multiple original purchases and/or repurchases at a later date


        Is very lightweight and easy to use/carry


        Invented by an experienced teacher of middle school students from all ability levels (average, learning-disabled, and gifted)











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Patent No. 7,565,759 -Joan M. Brennan

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