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Speaker Bio: Don Kelly

Don Kelly, widely known as Champion of America’s inventors and entrepreneurs, served for many years with the US Patent & Trademark Office in positions ranging from Patent Examiner to Technology Center Director and Chief of Staff.  A highlight of his career was his establishment of a national outreach program and resource center to help inventors deal complexities of the patent system and avoid scurrilous invention marketing scams.  Don left the USPTO in 2000 to accept an appointment as CEO of the prestigious Academy of Applied Science and to serve as adjunct professor at Franklin Pierce Law Center.

In 2002, Don Kelly established an “inventor-friendly” patent law and start-up consultation practice just steps from the USPTO’s Alexandria, VA campus.  In addition to filing patent applications and presenting educational lectures, Kelly’s patent agency, Intellectual Asset Management Associates (IAMA), LLC offers contracted services of a stellar team of expert witnesses and technology consultants. 

A mechanical engineer licensed to practice US patent law, Don Kelly serves on the boards of Patent Café, Inc., the Yankee Invention Exposition, Inc., the ByKidsForKids Company, and the United Inventors Association.  As a senior consultant on the staff of the International Intellectual Property Institute, Kelly lectures frequently overseas, most recently in Amman, Jordan and Gaborone, Botswana.  Don Kelly co-authored the Inventor’s Master Plan and writes the entrepreneur-focused column “Out to Launch, a regular feature of IP Frontline e-magazine.   

Donald Grant Kelly may be contacted at his office at 515 King Street, Suite 420, Alexandria, VA - Zip 22314.  Ph 703 548 8213  Fx 703 684 1209   E-mail:  Web: 


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