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The Sentence Analysis System

a.k.a. "The Green Sheet"


A Two-Sided Card Promoting Independent Study of

Syntax and Grammar


        An ideal learning tool for use in middle or high school English grammar and composition classes


        Can also be used in foreign language classes to assist in achieving accurate subject, verb, and/or modifier agreement


        An excellent alternative to sentence diagramming


        Particularly helpful to individuals who experience spatial challenges


        Most successful when introduced by the classroom teacher


        After teacher introduction, the tool promotes independent study/learning.


        When very long, complex sentences make it difficult to identify subjects, predicates, and other sentence parts, this tool provides accurate and guided assistance.


        Simply start at “0”, marking each word or phrase as directed and in the order directed.  Do not skip any numbered steps.  In this way, students will become able to recognize the correct function of each individual word in a sentence and label it with its proper name/function without rewriting or copying any word.


        Inexpensive, durable, and portable ---

     Choose either version:

 -Item #100 @ $4.00 ea. for plastic-sleeve version

 -Item #200 @ $6.00 ea. for heat-laminated version

(It is necessary for each individual student in the class to have one of “The Green Sheet” cards.)


*This Sentence Analysis System is a copyrighted learning tool.  Reprints or photocopies of this tool are strictly prohibited.    To purchase, please call 314-892-3478 or order online at

Choose from two versions:

 -Item #100 @ $4.00 ea. for plastic-sleeve version 

 -Item #200 @ $6.00 ea. for heat-laminated version

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